The when and how of coupon codes

With the introduction of the new edX revenue model, learners in your MOOC need to upgrade to verified status to be able to access all content and the graded assignments. However, it is possible to give your students coupon codes to upgrade for free if you use your MOOC in:

  • campus teaching, or
  • in the Virtual Exchange Programme (VEP), or
  • as entry requirement for your campus programme.

To request the coupon codes for your students, please send an email to specifying the following:

  • the url of the course run you wish to use the coupon codes for
  • how many coupon codes you need
  • a list (preferably in Excel) with the email addresses of your students, and
  • the rationale for this request (e.g. use for campus teaching).

We will then request the coupon codes from edX, send them to your students, and inform you once they have been sent out. The process between your request and their delivery will take up to 10 working days. Students will receive by email both the coupon codes and the information on how to redeem them.


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