May I use any image from the Internet in my course? Check the copyright

Is it allowed to embed a YouTube video in your online course? Or to use an image you found on the Internet in a course video? Find the answers in our copyright information:

Copyright for Online Education, roadmap (pdf) contains all you need to know about copyright at TU Delft:

Copyrights summary (pdf) is a short summary factsheet

Copyright video (below) answering the questions asked mostly about copyright law:

  • May I use any image/video on the Internet in my course?
  • How to find copyright free images/videos?
  • How to add a correct licence to my own materials?

Find content you can share, use and remix (CC-O or CC-BY licensed) on Unsplash (images), Pexels (images), Pixabay (images), Vexels – Open stock (vector based images), CC Search (images, music and video). Or take a look at our list of ‘Websites with CC licensed photos‘.

To check whether your image is royalty/copyright free: TinEye (image based search engine)



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