And the winners are…


Floor made up of traditional blue tiles from Iran.

Blue tile patterns by Atefeh Aghaee, CC0

At the end of February 2021, I opened a Flickr account with the aim of sharing some of the images that we use in our online courses and to further contribute towards the Extension School’s mission to educate the world. What I had in mind as a next step was to invite others to share their images too, and together create a bank of photos visible to everyone and publicly searchable. And… I confess: it was also a semi-clandestine way of talking to TU Delft colleagues and students about Creative Commons licenses and correct attribution.

We Like Sharing is managed by myself at the Extension School for Continuing Education and contains images created by TU Delft staff and students, and sometimes their friends and families. Anyone can contribute; the only condition for your photo to be uploaded to the repository is that you choose the CC license under which your picture is to be released – you retain copyright (not TU Delft), and decide what permissions to give to those who would like to reuse your images.

The photo bank was launched to coincide with Open Education Week 2021; to tell of its existence and invite contributions, we organized a competition –’submit a photo that illustrates your interpretation of Open’.

At the ready, an international jury, all with a keen eye for photography: Willem van Valkenburg, Director of the Extension School and President of Open Education Global; Sukaina Walji, Acting Director, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, University of Cape Town (UCT); Noémi Nagy, Project Manager Educational Innovation, TU Delft; Alan Levine, Strategy and Engagement Director, Open Education Global; and Suzanne Ansems, postgraduate student in Biomedical Engineering, TU Delft.

We received 55 entries from 31 participants. Picking the winners was as difficult as it was enjoyable. Huge congratulations go to…

The following photos did not win but came very close and deserve a special mention:

Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who has shared a photo in We Like Sharing. Your generosity helps make the web a better place.

Do you have an image you would like to contribute to We Like Sharing? Get in touch with us at

I hope to see your shared photos soon!

Bea de los Arcos
e-learning developer – Extension School for Continuing Education

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