Support from 3rd run onward

Online course teams are supported at all stages of the course development and delivery process. This support, however, varies according to the number of course runs.

The support provided by Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) and the Extension School consists of:

  • 1st run: a learning developer who supports intensively with course development and course delivery; a marketer who helps to create a compelling course announcement; a product manager to help positioning your course; general support with the learning platform, administration, and course evaluation.
  • 2nd run: a learning developer who supports the course team in implementing improvements in the second run, according to the re-run improvement plan created during first-run evaluation; general support with platform, administration and summary course reports.
  • 3rd and subsequent runs: no learning developer support; however, you can make use of the regular support offered by TLS (see below). If you write a proposal to make significant improvements to the course, a learning developer can again be assigned to support you in implementing those improvements.

TLS helpdesk support
Having delivered a second run, you are an experienced online teacher and able to take direct care of the next re-runs. However, even experienced course teams can have questions they need advice on:

  • For MOOC or ProfEd practical questions related to the edX platform, email our new internal helpdesk at
  • For questions about Brightspace or Brightspace-related educational tools, email

Re-run checklist
To prepare re-runs, you may find useful the ProfEd re-run checklist and the MOOC re-run checklist. Enrolments for ProfEds and Online Academic Courses will continue as usual via the Extension School (

Setting a re-run date
Every faculty has a faculty coordinator for open and online education – see who they are – and you can discuss new plans, evaluations and start dates for a re-run with them. Don’t forget to align the new start date with the Extension School for promotion and administration purposes: course announcement on websites, marketing activities, questionnaire creation and delivery, and learner registration.


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