Online Learning MedTech Portfolio win QS Reimagine Education Award

badge announcing silver winner in category LifeLong learning of the QS Reimagine Education Awards

We are proud to announce that the Medical Technology (MedTech) portfolio of online courses of the Extension School for Continuing Education at TU Delft has won the prestigious QS Reimagining Education Award, often dubbed the Oscars of education. Bestowed by the organization behind the university rankings, it is a resounding acknowledgment of the wonderful work by you all, our lecturers, and educational experts. It also affirms the university’s commitment to Lifelong Learning.

What the committee realised sets the MedTech portfolio apart, is the way it provides groundbreaking courses that meet the current needs of healthcare professionals while anticipating future challenges – all in a sustainable manner. This award is a testament to its dedication to delivering cross-disciplinary, rigorous, innovative, and accessible education – as Tim Horeman, Jenny Dankelman, and Bart van Straten show so eloquently in this video.

The flexible online format, as you know, is revolutionising the educational landscape. It helps remove geographical barriers, reaching learners far and wide to help them contribute to high-quality healthcare systems on a much greater scale. As the courses are co-created with academics, researchers, and industry experts, they effectively equip healthcare professionals with tools directly applicable to their daily challenges, regardless of their location or available resources.

Congratulations to Tim, Jenny, and Bart, and well done to everyone involved in the submission!


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