2023 a Year in Awards

badge announcing silver winner in category LifeLong learning of the QS Reimagine Education Awards

Winner QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023

We won in the Lifelong Learning category with our Medical Technology portfolio of online courses and programs, led by Tim Horeman, Jenny Dankelman, and Bart van Straten.

What sets our Medical Technology portfolio apart is the way it provides groundbreaking courses that meet the current needs of healthcare professionals whilst anticipating the challenges of the future – all in a sustainable manner. This award is a testament to our dedication to delivering cross-disciplinary, rigorous, innovative, and accessible education. Ultimately, it supports people in the medical sector saving lives, every day, everywhere.

TU Delft Education Team Award 2023

In recognition of the innovative contribution to education and excellent cross-departmental work by the course team behind the Pre-University Chemistry MOOC (faculty AS). The team is now nominated together with colleagues from the MOOCs Pre-University Calculus and Physics for the national Education Team Award.

The winning team led by Volkert van Steijn comprised i.a., Robin de Kruijff and Rienk Eelkema (lecturers), Laura Janssen, Wilma Elston, and Carola van Muren (education developers).

SURF Education Award 2023

Timon Idema (AS) won this award for his work on Open Interactive Textbooks. Grasping the importance of sharing open educational resources he published his own textbook and worked to get manuals, examples, and templates published too. Thereby encouraging innovation and contributing to the development of the Jupyter Books service with which everyone at TU Delft can publish interactive open textbooks

ES Open Education Ambassador Awards 2023

The following people received this award each for their contribution to openness through their online courses and other activities: Annemiek van Boeijen (IDE); Arjo Loeve (ME); Bart van den Dries (EEMCS); Carmine Varriale (AE); Carola Hein (ABE); Doris van Halem (CEG); Rachel Benchaya Gans (TPM); and Timon Idema (AS).
Read more about their wonderful contributions.

OEAwards for Excellence 2023

The WeLikeSharing platform and photo competition led by learning developer Bea de los Arcos, won in the Wild Card category. TU Delft employees, families, and friends are invited to submit a photograph that represents what openness means to them. These photos are shared publicly in the image bank on flickr under a Creative Commons license.

“An excellent initiative, build on democratic and participatory values … a really wonderful way to help anybody to express visually, share and connect with others”

Top Finalist edX Prize 2023

Jenny Dankelman and course team – Arjan Knulst, Amaya Schilder, and Devashish Mantri – made the Top 10 Finalists in this year’s award with their MOOC Biomedical Equipment: Repairing and Maintaining Biomedical Devices (faculty ME). Congratulations!

By empowering technicians and medical professionals worldwide with the understanding and the competencies they need to keep their life-critical biomedical devices in working order – irrespective of locations and limited resources – it helps save lives: one device at a time, every day, everywhere.

edX Prize 2022 (awarded Feb 2023)

Dick van Gameren and course team  – Nelson Amorin Mota, Frederique van Andel, and Rohan Varma this the Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning, for the online course Global Housing Design. The course, which focuses on the design of sustainable and inclusive housing, directly addresses the critical global need for urban development expertise, with close to a billion people worldwide currently living in inadequate housing.  for their MOOC Global Housing Design


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