TU Delft employees sign up for online courses

On 31 January, HR launched a new training portal for TU Delft employees – the learning hub (within Talent Services) – comprising training offers by internal and external providers and including over 50 courses by the Extension School (ES). A recent report on the use of the platform shows 81 employee requests for ES online courses (6% of total requests) for 36 different ES courses (10% of all requested courses).

Requests are mainly by one or two employees per course, covering a wide range of interests, skills and competencies development, and knowledge acquisition. The three courses with five or more requests in the reporting period are:

  • Project Management of Engineering Projects: Preparing for Success (7)
  • Dealing with Power and Dynamics: Discover Your Leadership Style and Influence Stakeholders (6)
  • Open Science: Sharing Your Research with the World (5).

New, relevant ES online courses will be added to the learning hub platform in collaboration with HR.

Concurrently, over 160 of our online courses and programs continue to be included in the Lifelong Learning national catalogue that was launched last November as part of an initiative by the Universities of the Netherlands.


Photo by Burst on Unsplash-kUqqaRjJuw0 CC-BY


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