Welcome to a new year, a new organisation and a great team!

Wishing you a healthy and exciting 2021!

Although we started the new year with extended Covid-19 measures, when we look back at what we have achieved together in 2020, during a particularly challenging, tiring and at times dispiriting year, we cannot but have confidence in the months to come.

Here just a few ‘2020 figures’ to give you a sense of that success:

  • 3 Million MOOC enrolments – of which 479k in 2020 alone
  • 4k MOOC certificates issued and 1,260 program certificates (on edX)
  • 13 new MOOCs
  • 11 new professional education courses (ProfEds)
  • 7 new professional education programs (PCPs)
  • 1 edX Prize and 1 SURF Education Award
  • €4M revenue.

We are therefore very much looking forward to an equally rewarding year. And, as 2021 also marks the start of the new phase for the Extension School for Continuing Education, we are excited about the possibility this brings, especially as once we are fully operational we will be able to support you and your teams even further.

Let’s raise a (virtual) glass to our continued collaboration!


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