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Following the success of the Remote Access Program (RAP) initiative earlier this year (March-June 2020), edX will now offer until 30 June 2021, a curated selection of courses free of charge to joining academic institutions. TU Delft will participate in this educational initiative called ‘edX Online Campus Essentials’ with a limited number of MOOCs. Although edX and the institutions offering the content will not receive any revenue for enrolments, the Extension School will compensate the faculties of the selected course and they will thus not incur any revenue loss from our university’s participation in the initiative. For more information, visit the Essentials website. If you have any question regarding this initiative, please contact Janine Kiers.

Scholarships at edX
Alongside the development of new offerings for individual learners, businesses and institutions, edX continues to offer both a financial assistance program (up to a 90% discount on their verified certificates in most courses) and scholarships (cover 100% of the cost of an edX course or program depending on what the learner applies for) to support increased access to quality education for everyone, everywhere – see additional information.


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