The secrets of designing & teaching an online course

Two special courses created and delivered by the Extension School and TLS help instructors to gain expert knowledge in the online format. Designing and Online Course (DOC), and Teaching an Online Course (TOC) can be a valuable, hands-on training opportunity for new, less experienced instructors or teaching assistants.

Starting dates and registration for 2021:

  • DOC on 19 January, 30 March, 26 April, 22 June, 13 July, 29 September, 26 October
  • TOC on 23 February, 18 May, 14 June, 1 September, 28 September, 2 November, 29 November

To register for free as a TUD employee use discount code DOC-TUD100 for the DOC course, and TOC-TUD100 for the TOC course.

If you have specific questions about this training, please contact Naomi Wahls.

Although following the series is recommended, the courses can be taken independently of each other, based on the instructor/assistant’s prior knowledge and role in course delivery. Both courses are free for TU Delft lecturers/employees and open to (paying) external participants, giving you the added benefit of hearing about other tools, platforms and challenges of teaching online and of discussing experiences in a broader group of peers.

In the weekly live sessions, you will receive personalised feedback and be able to ask questions about any issues you may be experiencing. You will work on the case study and have the opportunity to view other participants’ work. Colleagues who have taken these courses have found it very valuable, in particular for:

  • practical guidance applicable to daily work
  • analysis of possible complications and response options
  • moderator’s advice
  • designing using OLE principles and structuring with clear learning objectives
  • access to templates, checklists and drafting own online course.


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