Training possibilities – July 2019 – December 2019

Online teaching is not very easy and every day we learn something new. We are therefore very happy to share the newest insights in our workshops and modules. Work on your own course, steal brilliant ideas and meet your colleagues.

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Community Management

24 March, 14 May or 23 July

A hands-on workshop that helps you engage your MOOC students on the edX forums, emails and social media. This workshop gives real-world examples and edX training.

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Do-It-Yourself video

25 March

Create and publish your own video with TU Delft tools Kaltura (simple and fast) and Camtasia (lots of editing options).

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Education on stage – Course

Starts:9 March (3 sessions)

In this training you will apply theatre skills to teaching, and discover one underlying principle to guide all aspects of your performance including posture, gestures and use of voice.

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Visitors and Residents: Mapping your Digital Engagement

on request

A hands-on workshop that helps you engage your MOOC students on the edX forums, emails and social media.

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Blending your Education

9 June

Blended learning is integrating online learning into campus education. But how do you blend your course? What do you need to keep in mind and what do you need to avoid? Together we address these questions and discover the possibilities of Blended Learning.

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Designing an online course – TUD Style

Starts 15 September – 23 October (online)

Enrol in this online self-paced training (4 modules, 4-5 hours per module) and start designing your own online course. Learn about online education at TU Delft, the Online Learning Experience model and build a learning sequence into the platform.

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Teaching an online course

Starts: 3 November  to  6 December (online)

Learn about teaching an online course: the role of an e-moderator, engaging your online students and building a learning community.

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Hands-on open edX

 17 March, 16 April, 19 May, 18 June, 16 July
Introduction how to build your course in edX. Learn the possibilities and tools of this platform. For MOOCs and ProfEds.

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Open licensing and copyright: reusing materials in your (online) course

 1 April

Learn how to  use existing materials in your campus course. Use your own (MOOC) materials or use existing materials, created by your peers.

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Presenting in front of a camera (basic)

23 March

Experience what it is like to be in front of the camera and learn to tell a story in a natural way. Receive specific feedback,  improve your presenting and overcome camera shyness.

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Writing a script

Online, self-paced

In this online course, you will learn script-writing techniques that will help you tell your story in a natural way. After this online course, you can follow the workshop “Presenting in front of a camera”.

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Effective use of video in education

Online, self-paced

This module aims to guide you through important decisions you need to make when making a didactical video. It also provides you with some theoretical background on using video in education and practical do’s and don’ts. This is a self-paced online course in Brightspace.

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